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About us

Wimex business company by providing all business services is looking for high quality and organic farming goods. Wimex business company has been start working by removing the intermediary and delivering the product directly from producer to consumer. Removing the intermediary in additional of reducing price making a good chance for both salesmans and customers. The main purpose of wimex is to satisfy customers .In this regard, this company tries to improve the quality of the product by using the best materials in production and processing of products for better utilization and shelf life. Specialist experts in this company in every part of Iran are looking for high quality products with the best price from producers. Wimex is ready to cooperation with exporters and importers. This complex is also highly valued with advanced specialists in the field of delivery and distribution inside and outside the country ready to deliver and cater to the needs of customers. So if you want to sell your products or want goods here is a good place for you. Our experts are at your service.

تمامی حقوق مادی و معنوی وب سایت متعلق است به Wimex Business Group

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